Month: August 2017

Authentic Poutine Garners Local Fame

Pinky D’s Food Truck – Authentic poutine garners local fame by Andrew Watson | Photography by Lauryn Hottinger   After 25 grueling years in the restaurant industry, Randall Smith decided it was time to shake things up. Like many of us, he dreamed of the opportunity to lead a self-sufficient career without having to report to others. He needed a career that would notonly ignite his passions but one that would also be practical enough to break the constraints of such a demanding industry. What is a man in such a precarious situation to do?   He started a...

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The Horatio and Ella Foss Mansion – Celebrating 100 Years

The Horatio and Ella Foss Mansion Enduring elegance in downtown Auburn by Donna Keene Rousseau Dotted throughout the neighborhoods of downtown Auburn are the historic homes of yesteryear. Their striking architectural bones define them as the “grande dames” of their age. Listed on the National Register of Places in 1976, the Horatio G. Foss Mansion of 19 Elm Street in Auburn, with its unique aesthetic balance of Georgian Revival and Spanish influence, serves as reminder of a bygone era of elegance and refinement in our city’s history. The mansion was designed by two Lewiston architects, Eugene J. Gibbs and...

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Working Like A Dog

Canines at the workplace and at doggie daycare by Dan Marois | Photography by Lauryn Hottinger   Lucy, the black Labrador Retriever mascot at Evergreen Subaru, is feeling a bit disappointed. “She usually meets the FedEx guy at the door and he has a treat for her every day,” explains Ashley Marquis, a sales consultant at the auto dealership. “But today, it wasn’t the regular guy so Lucy is confused as to why she didn’t get a doggie treat.” Oh, the woes of a dog that is gainfully employed. Lucy is one of a growing breed of canines who...

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Down By The River – Secret Fishing Gems

Secret fishing gems less than 15-minutes from downtown LA by David Muise | Photography by Lauryn Hottinger There’s not a pond, river or lake around here that I’m a stranger to,” says George Krapovicky. Much like the elusive fish he is after, he can be a bit cagey about giving up the goods. “In that picture there, that’s the biggest salmon I’ve ever caught around here,” says George. “I caught it on a fly rod in Lake Auburn… but I won’t tell you where.” George has been fishing in the LA area since 1940 or so. He grew up...

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