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Bill bouchard, is the owner of Integrity Services of Maine, located in Auburn. Bill was an HVAC+R service technician in the Lewiston Auburn area for 16 years and a service manager at a large HVAC company in Portland for three years before coming back to LA to pursue his dream of owning and operating the most professional and ethical HVAC company in the area. He lives in Poland with his beautiful wife, Tammie. He enjoys running… wait, no he doesn’t! His wife enjoys running, and she keeps him out there running after her. He actually enjoys restoring, riding, and talking about old motorcycles and cars.


Integrity Services Of Maine - Heating, Cooling, Ventilation

Preventative Maintenance On Your HVAC System – What's The Big Deal?

At Integrity Services of Maine (ISM), one of the most important services we provide is heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration preventative