Jeanelle Demers

“Where painting becomes more than just an image.”

Jeanelle Demers is a Maine artist and Lewiston native who has spent the last 15 years focusing on portraiture, especially that of dogs and cats. In her solo, small business, she hand-paints custom pet portraits utilizing client reference photos, employing a hyper-realistic style to capture the spirit and individuality of each animal. Working with acrylic paint on canvas, she creates lively and captivating works of art, influenced by her love of color and meticulous detail.

To achieve realism vibrancy, Jeanelle balances accurate portraiture with luminous color choices. Many of her commissions are memorial portraits, and it is essential for her to convey the likeness of the pet and the love their family has for them. She hopes that her paintings evoke the essence of each animal, immortalize memories and personalities, and capture the silly quirks that make pets so lovable.

Firmly believing in creating personal and meaningful art, Jeanelle has found something she truly loves through her pet portrait journey.

“With each painting, I feel like I meet a new dog or cat and get to know them over the course of the project,” says Jeanelle. “The painting becomes more than just an image; it really signifies the love and joy of the lifetime shared between animals and humans.”

In the past few years, Jeanelle has expanded her offerings to include portraits of houses, camps, and wedding venues. She loves seeing her finished paintings given as meaningful gifts, used to memorialize those cherished pets who have passed on or remember a house with years of memories within its walls.

As told to Michael Krapovicky.

To view more of Jeanelle’s work and to order a custom portrait, please see her website at  | Instagram and FB: @200faces

Jeanelle Demers - Lewiston Maine Artist

Photograph by Bret Woodard

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