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Daria Jones - Master Stylist and Owner of Luxury In The Hood “I had lived in Maine off and on for the last 19 years,” shares owner and master stylist, Daria Jones. “When I moved back this last time, I noticed an influx of people with textured hair and felt I should open a salon.”

As the saying goes, the best-laid plans often go awry, and shortly after Jones made the decision to open shop, COVID-19 hit, significantly delaying the build process. Ever determined, Jones remained diligent in bringing her business to life. In March of 2022, Luxury in the Hood officially opened its doors to the public.

“My goal has stayed the same since day one: deliver a full-service experience to people with textured hair,” states Jones. “We service everyone and all hair types but specialize in textured hair because it’s a part of our community that isn’t catered to.”

Upon relocating back to LA, Jones noticed that most salons only provided partial services to people with textured hair: either they didn’t shampoo, condition, or blow dry due to a lack of knowledge for working with different hair textures and curl patterns. Recognizing this, it became Jones’ mission to provide the community with a full hair care experience without worry.

“In an area where the majority of people have straight hair, I wanted to help people with textured hair learn about and care for their own hair, as well as their children’s hair,” shares Jones. “We always work with the client’s end result hair goal – whether they want to just wash it and go, go straight, or grow it out long, we can assist in helping them achieve that.”


adding layers

In addition to textured hair care and styling, Luxury in the Hood also specializes in braiding, hair extensions, wig services, color, and cuts – but for Jones, a master cosmetology instructor of more than 20 years, the educational piece is close to the heart. Growing up raised by her grandmother who did not share the same curl pattern, Jones learned that a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply to hair care and styling.

“There are so many different hair types and textures, so one person might know how to care for and style one type of curly hair, but not another, but this is my specialty – I consider myself the bridge where people can come and figure it all out.”

With new ventures come new surprises—for Jones, this came in the form of beauty supplies. Originally from Boston, Jones would often bring specialty tools and products back to LA from her visits back home. Interest in retail products quickly became clear to Jones, as accessibility to such supplies in the area was new to many of her clients.

“It’s important to create this avenue of business – it’s been a slow roll-out, but one that’s given me a lot of hope and joy in making these items accessible to my community.”


total experience

Just because you’ve seen one salon does not mean you’ve seen them all. Luxury in the Hood is unique from top to bottom in its style, décor, atmosphere, and approach.

“Luxury in the Hood is a black-owned business – it’s not the same when you visit my salon as it is when you go to other salons,” explains Jones. “It takes a very long time to do textured hair right. In black culture, the longer service time is understood, but in LA, where this type of service is relatively new, it’s not always understood – I give more preparation now to guests, especially parents, so that they can plan for meals and breaks.”

While hair care and styling may be the primary service of Luxury in the Hood, it is far from the salon’s only attraction. When Jones says her goal is a full-service experience, she means it, right down to the sounds and aesthetics creating a palpable culture within the salon’s walls.

“We are inclusive of all, especially those with black, brown, and colored heritage – there aren’t many places you can go and experience that here,” shares Jones. “You will always have that experience when you come to my place – art on the walls, conversations throughout the salon, the music being played. We really cater to being a place where people of color can come to enjoy themselves and the company of others.”


education for life

The salon is not the sole component of Jones’ business endeavors. Combining her passions for textured hair services and teaching, Ankh Academy was born in tandem with Luxury in the Hood. An instructor for many schools, including Kevin Murphy, one of the largest privately owned color companies in the country, Jones began thinking about her legacy, knowing she wanted to develop a program based in cosmetology education.

“It can be difficult for people to fit into the realm of cosmetology schooling, which is why I decided to offer apprenticeships and continuing education,” explains Jones, who offers a mix of her own classes as well as teaching at other salons when requested.

Jones’ apprentices take clients at the salon under her guidance as they learn to perfect their own skills and craft. For those interested in becoming an apprentice, the process is simple and personal—text or email Jones to coordinate time to have a conversation surrounding your goals and fit.

“Ankh means ‘life’ – I decided to name it ‘Life Academy’ because when I teach, I teach from the core, from the heart, and from the spirit,” Jones states. “I’m always telling people to think about yourself, think about others, think how it will help you, think how it will help them, and practice until it’s perfect.”


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