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With the holidays behind us, we can return to our regular schedule—and there is something comforting about a schedule and routine. I pride myself on hard work and have learned many lessons on my road to this new leadership role at LA Metro Magazine. Personally, it has been a rough time for me, with many personal challenges.  I am now just grateful this issue has been prepared and ready for our readers.

Starting off 2024 I wanted to focus primarily on the strength and determination of LA’s women leaders. Powerful women—whose power is derived from within—are always an inspiration to me.

It’s important to recognize the struggles and issues that exist for females in the professional world. I’m blessed to say that I have not had many experiences with the difficulties of being a woman on a professional level but the hardships I did face as a woman, I made sure never became excuses for not achieving my goals.

I want to acknowledge in these pages that there are women who, most likely, experienced some of the same struggles—and persevered anyway.

In this issue you will read about many influential women in our community—from artist to body-positive guru, and home-cooking ‘mums’ to women leaders in male-dominated industries.

I want to mention two stories in this issue that may seem contradictory to each other as well—Stacy Morin and her understanding of the importance of sobriety to her and the uniqueness of her experience as a woman, and then the Beer Trail. The Beer Trail story does include how most of the breweries include leadership from women and the non-alcoholic options they offer. Deciding to be sober doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of LA’s best places to visit.

I hope you enjoy this issue of LA Metro Magazine and I wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year.

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