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Brian DuBois  was born and raised in Auburn, educated at Bentley University, and later employed as the Executive Director of the Auburn-Lewiston YMCA. Brian has in-depth knowledge of the greater Lewiston  Auburn area, the professional skill set of a community leader, and the interpersonal skills to facilitate smooth real estate transactions. Brian has a genuine interest in the real estate market, and this industry is also an excellent fit to meet his desire to serve by connecting families with a new home, guiding sellers through a thorough process, and providing investors with new opportunities.

Together with his wife and business partner, Marnie, they reside in Auburn, raising three children and two dogs.

Brian welcomes your inquiries regarding this subject matter, content suggestions, or questions regarding all things real estate.   


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“Crazy market!” how did we get here?

The National Association of Realtors recently presented their report where NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun, PhD shared news of a MASSIVE UNDERPRODUCTION of 


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Investing? Helpful tips to consider.

As real estate professionals, we are often asked about the first steps of investing in real estate.  While investors’ goals vary greatly, here are some general tips to consider

​

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Growth and Development

As the twin cities of Lewiston and Auburn continue to experience growth and development, the local real estate market is undergoing significant shifts. Home to a


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The Importance of Representation

In today’s robust Seller’s market, the temptation may be to sell your property yourself. It will sell, but is it the right move? The results are astonishing. 


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Proper Guidance = $$ In Your Pocket

Moving can be a significant and potentially overwhelming life transition, with the potential to either yield substantial financial gains if executed properly or incur 



LA Metro Magazine - Pros Who Know - DuBois Realty - Winter 2024

Evaluating Our Environment for Success

The statistics are jaw-dropping: approximately 85% of newly licensed real estate professionals will not renew their license after two years.