Fostering the  Animal-Human  Bond

Fostering the Animal-Human Bond

Written by Peggy DeBlois | Photography by Adam Bouffard What’s new at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society (GAHS) is a modern, vibrant organization that puts the focus on animals.The strong presence of all the...

Pink Feather Foundation

Pink Feather Foundation

Written by Toby Haber-Giasson Helping neighbors with dignity A decent set of school clothes is such a basic requirement for children that we often don’t think about how it affects those who don’t have it. Joni Gordon thinks about it. At Oxford Elementary...

The Hardscrabble Entrepreneur

The Hardscrabble Entrepreneur

Boot-strapping and butt-kicking your way to success by David Muise   You are going to want to take this story with a grain of salt. Maybe even get the whole shaker out. Starting a business is a messy business filled with funny business. At least in my case it...


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