Steve Bradford

A Lisbon Falls native, Steve Bradford majored in art with a concentration in printmaking at the University of Southern Maine, where guest lecturer and assemblage artist Louise Nevelson greatly influenced him. Some years later, after moving to Sacramento, CA, his interest in assemblage was re-awakened by the set designs and character creations of H.R. Giger in the “Alien” movies. Over time, Bradford’s assemblage work moved away from the monochrome styles of Nevelson and Giger. It increasingly reflected the vibrant art with Mexican roots common in the Sacramento area and incorporating colorful elements from the worlds of music and nature.

Bradford returned to Maine in 2002 and, in 2009, moved from Portland back to Lisbon Falls, where he now resides. His work continues to evolve and often includes original photography, with the photographs applied to weathered wood or rusted metal.

He has always been interested in miniature worlds—aquariums, model train layouts, dollhouses—and many of his pieces reflect that interest. They are miniature worlds created through combinations of unrelated objects in a setting where familiar shapes take on new meaning. He usually starts without a firm idea of what the finished project will look like—one interesting element will trigger the assemblage process, with other components added in and moved around until the piece announces itself as “done.”

He has been active in the arts community throughout his life. He was named “Volunteer of the Year” for his work with the L/A Arts monthly Art Walk, and is currently involved with the Lisbon Artist Collective, where he participates in their talks about art to Lisbon elementary school classes and helps staff their Lisbon Art Works store/gallery/classroom in Lisbon Falls.

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